Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Student of the Month

This just in from my bro', Chris:
"Just got back from Ciera's award assembly. She was very proud, and I brought her a bouquet of flowers with a butterfly sticking in it.

Ciera is wearing a beautiful outfit that Diane [a family friend] bought her!"

"I am headed back up there at 10:30 to bring her lunch and surprise her. I'm gonna bring her McDonalds and eat with her and her class."


Jenn said...

Awww...how sweet!!!! B/f I moved I used to do that with my nieces & nephews! I would too buy them McDonalds and go up to school and have lunch with them. I miss those days!!! :)

Teresa K. said...

Congratulations to Ciera. Being student of the month is quite an honor and I'm sure much thought and consideration went into the selection. You must be terribly proud of her, and rightfully so!

Veronica said...

you know he does such a great job of making sure she feels special. And she does look so cute in this outfit. What a great dad and ciera is adorable. Her presents are in your box too.
love you

Carolina said...

Woo hoo - way to go Ciera!!!

And what a fun thing for you to do with her...she's so lucky to have such a wonderful aunt!

Mercedes said...

Congratulations to the little woman!!!!!