Tuesday, April 8, 2008

My Oldest Male Child - Dusk Candids

My oldest male child flopped down onto a patio chair by me as I was sitting outside sifting through my postage stamp heads. "Whatcha doin'?" Of course he cracked up when I told him. He just looked so awesome, handsome, alive, sitting there, I had to go grab the MuthaCam.

A son and his 'gun' (the bicep). We must admire the bicep. Actually, I really DO admire the bicep!
This is the side of his head that took the brunt of the impact in his accident 10 months ago. I'm not allowed to shoot above this angle. That's ok -- he's got such darling small ears! I also remember the days when we used to do inspections for facial hair and I'd pretend to see -- oh, one or two. Now look! ['MoooOOooommm!]
A chip off his Mama's block -- tattoo art! [He has a PERFECT mouth, too, doesn't he!]
Not mine, alas! Though I'd sure be trying to abscond with 'em if my feet came anywhere CLOSE to fitting them!!


Veronica said...

oh this is so cute. love the socks. and shoes... and the tattoo.....