Sunday, April 13, 2008

Sunday Outing

It is such a glorious, breezy, sultry, sunny day today that the winged women and their tiny Asian partner begged me for an outdoor outing. Since I'm heavily into avoidance of doing anything that resembles art or chores, I thought it sounded like a great idea!

Flock on a walk: Cher, Lulu, Felicity, bashful Nina, and my Balinese beauty.

These are two of my wee friends you haven't met -- the little blue bird is Nina, who is excruciatingly shy. Today is a big day for her AND for me, because not only is she joining the group outdoors, she's allowing me to shoot her photograph. My small kimono'd friend is LuLu, who (as you can probably tell) is in love with life and her bird friends. LuLu is always happy, and I love having her around for that reason.
Felicity and LuLu have been inseparable since Felicity's arrival.
My Balinese bird tries on matching ruffage (ha!) I still haven't named her - any ideas?
Three little birds all in a row: Balinese Beauty, Shy Nina, and Cher.
Girls in the grass -- it's okay, Nina! LuLu is on the watch!
LuLu enjoys some grass boarding! She rocks it, too, even in that kimono! And her pigtails never get mussed up. That's serious skill!
& now LuLu and the winged women will enjoy some lounge chair time -- I'm off for the sunscreen and the daiquiris! Thanks so much for joining us!


Teresa K. said...

You did have a relaxing weekend, didn't you! Yes, daiquari, I need a daiquari. Your raks are beautiful. You seem to have gotten your creative urge going.

Carolina said...

Thanks for taking us along on yours and Lulu's outing - I'm totally relaxed now and ready to stamp!