Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Weekly Wings 7 - Part 3 - Visual Map

Dame Carla's assignment, for the next two weeks:

From Vision to Reality
We have all heard the adage, "seeing is believing." Although it often refers to the idea that people want proof of some incredible phenomenon, I like to think of it as an important principle of visualization and manifestation. What we see and believe we can be and do, we will work toward being and doing. Starting with creative thought about values and goals, we generate energy. When we actually turn that energy into something visual, we create even stronger energy that pulls us in that direction.

This week's challenge is about synergy and manifestation. Over the past several weeks, you have had the opportunity to explore yourself - past, present, and future -in a very deep and meaningful way, using both written and visual tools to focus your personal journey and goals. Now, I would like you to take some time to review what you've discovered and bring it all together by creating a Vision Map (also known as a Vision Board or Dream Board). Simply put, a Vision Map is a collage of pictures and words that very clearly depict your true self - who you are and who you are becoming.

Mapping your Vision
There are many ways to put a Vision Map together, but a strong Vision Map includes a variety of images and words that are completely synchronous with your core values and goals. ... it should fulfill the following criteria:

Create a time framework for your Vision Map.
Your Vision Map should be strongly visual.
Be true to your emotions.

Below is my visual map, somewhat blurry as the last coat of clear gesso is still drying ... however, I'm booked up the rest of the week and wanted to get this posted tonight. Dame Carla said to select a time frame -- I have the months of a year going across the top, starting with May, and using a flower for August (I'd already used that rub-on) ... but honestly? The time frame, although an important element in the framework, is less a variable for me than the strength of the visuals, the individual goals, and the important interior strengthening. The snow geese in the background are part of a photo taken by Roxanne's [at River Garden Studio] son, and used with her kind permission. [For her entry, and more stunning photographs of the snow geese, go here.] That image could have been the entire visual map for me - I look at it and everything is present. The photo of me is an outtake from my Self Portrait adventure -- not an outtake, actually, but one I loved and set aside, knowing it needed something special but not knowing, then, about Dame Carla's visual map exercise. "Eat, drink, and be mermaid" is a droll nudge to let the humor overflow, also! Below that is one of my favorite quotes, by Eleanor Roosevelt: 'You must do the thing you think you cannot do." Ain't THAT the truth! Center and upper left: key words: learn, try, listen, love, play, imagine, with a much-needed (& appreciated) reminder: 'You are never alone.' The painting of the woman smelling the flower symbolizes SO many things to me: taking time to relax, to 'smell the roses', to plant, to water, to see what grows. But also to let myself be soft, be a woman, be fragile, vulnerable, to need and to say so. The woman walking up the hill with the basket of milk in hand, the white house, the blue water -- my symbol of health, full health internal and external, and also of living simply. I also wanted a WHITE background on the main canvas, to remind myself to stay simple, keep it simple, to remove clutter and allow a cleaner mind, more focused actions. Center and upper right -- the bicycle, because I want to work out, and my favorite way is to ride my bike. (Not to mention I couldn't BEAR to put a picture of TENNIS SHOES on this!) The phrase, 'I love you with all my heart' -- from me to me, who I am, who I am becoming, my future self. Be Who You Are (strong reminder). The bird is my favorite bird image of all time -- flight!! Wings!! Written journal and words with a visual overstamped - priority = written AND visual journal. Lower left: The key word: Imagine ... imagine 'you are' -- a painter/artist, healthy, living simply. An ace with a full heart! Exercising my options because I've defined them, and I'm open to hearing/discovering more. Lower right corner. Be thankful. A mermaid and a 'sea' emblem, critical for me. 'dream big'. 'Enjoy'. The little 'admit one' ticket is because I have to do this for and by myself, albeit with help, support.


carla said...

Toni - once again, your post and your map show the tremendous thought you put into this. I am certain that it will be a powerful tool to keep you energized and moving toward your goals. I really enjoyed reading about the significance of each image!

Carla said...

This is amazing! I love the way you added glitter around the pic of you-you are the star! That bird image is absolutely gorgeous! Amy Tsuruta used it yesterday! Where did you get it?! I'm glad you didn't cave and put a tennis shoe on there, it would spoil the whole thing for you, I think!

rivergardenstudio said...

Oh my gosh, Toni, I haven't seen your site for only a few days and just look at what you have been creating.
(I try to check in at work but because I work at a school there are restrictions and I can't see any photo's) I really am enthralled with your visual journal, it is incredible! I wish I could learn about mysel in the way you are, so purposeful and so embracing. Thank you! Roxanne

bluerose9062 said...

Wonderful map! It's hard to pick a favorite image. The picture of you in the center is what stands out in my mind. You look so peaceful. I'm still working on mine.

sex said...