Sunday, April 27, 2008

My Weekend -- Lost in Art!

I'm on an adrenalin high right now. I signed up for my on-line group's altered book round robin. Haven't done one of these before. Spent ALL LAST WEEK tussling with the first book I received. Toe-to-toe's, every evening. Just could not get a rhythm at all. Couldn't get outside the sense of my own eyeballs, looking over my shoulder. Know that feeling? Yesterday, my resistance started oozing down off the side of my studio table, and TODAY!! Today I woke up at 5, sent a few emails, then just started playing. Total relaxation, free-associating, experimenting. By 1, when I stopped to have a bite to eat, I had gotten into a very cool rhythm of prepping one background and propping it in front of the fan while I went to work on the pieces that would go on it. It's now 8:00, and I have all the background spreads done, and everything prepped to go on them, and I've made my list of what items I need to print off at work (mostly words, quotes and such) ...

there you have it. I have two more books in the round robin coming to me (we mail out on the 15th each month), but I feel total anticipation, now, instead of nerves and internal rambunctiousness!

Now I'm off to read the new Wings 4 You challenge -- I haven't looked at a single blog since Friday morning!


Carla said...

You go, girl!

Beth said...

wow...I'm jealous !
still looking for my mojo !!!

{want to take a class with me this summer ? Nina Bagley is the teacher !!}

check out Valley Ridge art studio for her gatherings class !

rivergardenstudio said...

Wow, the altered book project sounds wonderful, and that you got to do art all day! I played with paints this weekend and we had beautiful weather! Roxanne

Carolina said...

Woo hoo!!! What a huge accomplishment and how fun! I totally hear ya about getting lost in a project! Hope you have a blast with the ones that are coming your way.