Wednesday, April 2, 2008

I Totally Identify!!!

On The Daily Coyote blog, some time back, Shreve posted pictures of Charlie the coyote playing in corn. Not corn stalks, but corn, dried corn. On the way up to where my guys and I camp, there's a pull-off during harvest season. A farmer sets up 'sandbox' like areas and fills them with dried corn.

We always pull off. We always play in the corn boxes.

I tell you, I must look at these [HERE] pictures of Charlie romping in the corn probably 45 times every week and feel every tense muscle, nerve, or attitude in my body just dissolve.

Thanks, Shreve, for capturing this moment!!!


Veronica said...

oh i so gotta get me a coyote too. that is too much fun. How on earth did she get that close to him?