Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Written Journal Ritual

My goodness, so many emails asking about my ritual ... thanks for the interest! Actually, it's really nothing too complex -- I just always find a quote -- no, no! A quote always finds me, along with a word (not always, but usually), and an inspirational photo which now I would like to be a photo of me instead ... and finally a song ... all of these things represent, capture, contain, evoke where I am internally as the journal begins. I feel really awkward, uncomfortable, if I start a new journal without these kick-off elements.

I found the word accidentally - was used in the name of an article in some magazine I was skimming, Vogue, I think. ARABESQUE Not only the dance/gymnastics position, but the whole middle-east sensation of the word for me, which invites exploration -- like the Weekly Wings exercises. And a sense of grace, balance.

I was blogsurfing in the wee hours this a.m. and bumbled onto a blog that had this quote: "Every day which is born into this world comes like a burst of music, and sings itself all day through. And thou shalt make of it a dance, a dirge, or a life march, as thou wilt." -T. Carlyle -- instantly knew it was the one.

The song is an old one but cherished by me: Gary Wright's 'My Love is Alive' --
'My heart is on fire
my soul's like a wheel that's turning
my love is alive -- my love is alive'.

Now I just need to coerce one of my menfolk to stand behind the lens of the MuthaCam and point it at ME ...


Carla said...

I swear, you are the most thoughtful, deliberate person I know! Not deliberate in that you are not spontaneous, but deliberate in how clear you are about things. You always seem to have a purpose or direction, again, not in a regimented way, because I see you as a free spirit. How can someone be so free and yet so purposeful. Interesting...I'd like to have some of that, please!

Beth said...

I'm waiting for my ritual fairy to come and throw a little fairy dust on me so that I can start my newest journal with something new and different that I can do for years to come !!!!

Carolina said...

Ahhh a peek into the mind of Toni...love it! Thanks for sharing an little insight.

I wanted to get back to you on the halfback pearls - I found a bunch of these in the $1 spot at Target which was so perfect because I was starting to run out of my Making Memories ones.