Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Charlie the Coyote

Oh my God, Shreve has done it to me again! Go look HERE right this second!!!! She's even invented a new phrase, "Happier than a coyote in a corn pile." That's it, that is absolutely IT! If I'm not a mermaid in the ocean, or walking on my legs in the desert, and I'm not a sunflower reaching toward the light on my tall, gawky but sturdy stem, then dig it: I AM A COYOTE ROMPING IN THE CORN!!! Shreve, I love you, Woman! These Charlie in the Corn pictures send me to the moon on a trail of shooting giggles!


patty said...

Right now I am trying to think of a way to get a pile of corn for my Ralph dog. Since he is only part coyote maybe it will only be half as fun but it still looks fun. Makes me want to junp right in on the action other than the peeing part.

Carla said...

Now here is a creature who knows how to have fun! I actually saw a couple of coyotes jumping around a couple of months ago. It was pretty cute.