Thursday, April 10, 2008

Wings 4 You - My Logo!

After 241 attempts to draw this, I said f'get it. All these images (including the plumed pen) came from Google searches, and I just cut & paste them into the logo you see above. Mermaids are my personal symbol and have been since I was 14. Just as the Statue of Liberty has her beacon, the plumed pen represents my way of shining light (& catching it, when I'm on the receiving end of illumination). I'm a hat-wearing wench, and a Fedora is my favorite -- sassy, playful, unique, can be elegant or punk, just a versatile personal touch!


Veronica said...

too cool... and so you love it

Carolina said...

Ohhhh - love it!!! Hats are also ranked pretty high on my list. I think the fact that I own 50+ qualifies me...what'd ya think? Thanks for sharing!