Friday, April 4, 2008

Nothin' Left

7:15 on a Friday, and I got nothin' left but
a dirty blues riff of a pulse,
a gravelly shame cuz i've been jealous of a friend

& did the right thing, confessed:
hard to do at all let alone on empty,
then my damn period started when
tonight i only wanted
your arms, your kisses, escaping into you.

7:15 on a Friday, and my nothin'
limps impatiently through the
rooms of this house,
waiting for you [please get HOME]
i'm dripping pieces of
my ability to stand
upright with every step i take,
shedding soul like lint balls,
hand-pumping my tarnished heart,
feeling these tiny breaths
sharp as winces --
please please get HOME

i need that comfort you bring
just showing up,
that look you give me that Knows,
'you ok, baby?',
i need you so i can feel weak & small
& just let it go.

just let it go.

7:15 on a Friday night, left my
nothin' at the bottom of a pina colada
wine cooler that tasted like alka-seltzer,
sun behind the palms over there --
this is one of those times when
i can't feel anything but

listening listening i am listening
for the thump of your truck stereo's bass,
your tires in the driveway,
your car alarm tooting on,
your key in the
front door, and then

to run


Carla said...

Good grief, girlfriend! Talk about putting into words a feeling we've all had! Maybe a little too close for comfort...

Veronica said...

oh my little cabbage.... let's see maybe an airline ticket might cure this. Start singing I'm leaving on a jet plane.... I would so come see you to give you a hug to have a good cry with you and a big ole shoulder for you to let it all out on. I love you my little cabbage dear......

rivergardenstudio said...

What a beautiful poem, and so close to heart, your photo is perfect too, I hope your love comes home soon! Roxanne

Anonymous said...