Saturday, August 2, 2008

Tiny Dancers

Being as Youngest Male Child and I were sitting on a bench outside, waiting for My Lovely Mother, and being as this IS Phoenix in August and it WAS 114 at that moment, I decided to walk on down to the Hallmark store to hurry things along. My Lovely Mother, in a Hallmark Store, can get as lost as I do in Michael's or a bookstore or an antique store [when I have the MuthaCam with me]. Not so good for those waiting in outdoor saunas, particularly when youngest male child is in a dour mood from failed school clothes shopping, and sitting next to his Mother with her Mutha who doesn't want to stop trying to take his picture. [Hey, I wanted to try to capture some of those 'shelf dog' expressions he was making, that's all!] But then I walked through the shop door and these greeted me. I SO wanted to shoot this shelf of ballerina figurines for a friend in England, who has been a dancer and performer all her life. Alas, I was warned off taking pictures in the store. Good thing for me I managed 3 shots before being asked to put the MuthaCam away. That is my operating policy anymore: shoot first, wait to be told I'm not supposed to. Softness. Grace. I would have liked to have more time to shoot these lovelies, without having to do it in stealth mode! Oh, I know she's blurred but I still love this shot. Weird me. As if she's dreaming, somehow.