Saturday, August 2, 2008

Amazing Grace

When I had my blond moment that cost me gajillions in insufficient funds fees, my Bloglandia Belle of all Belle's, Beth, emailed me that she was going to send me 'some lovin' in the mail. My 'Lovin' arrived on Thursday, whereupon I flew out to my patio roost to open it, then grinned & grinned & grinned. The message, yea! The colors! The arch! The lettering! This woman rocks, huh? This morning, when I was setting up for this canvas' photo shoot, of course Zoe, the Studio Inspector, came up for a Look-See. Alas, and apologies to Beth, no matter WHERE I took a photo, I couldn't capture the color saturation. But oh, you can still tell how amazing it is!


Beth said...

I'm just now catching up on your blog posts....SLOW DOWN woman....I can hardly keep up, you maniac !!!

Thanks for posting a photo of it...and yes, damn those colors not coming through...OH WELL !!!