Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Put It On And Go Out The Door [For Beth]

Beth, my blog buddy, recently came under the influence of the Mighty Nina Bagley, she of the perfectly wrapped head scarf, by way of a 2-day class, then found herself shopping for scarves and making attempts at head-scarf headway. I told Beth my operating policy when it comes to scarves, new-to-me styles, possibly ugly shoes, anything different and slightly nerve-wracking: Put it on and go out the door like you own it. Below -- examples of Toni putting her operating policies where her mouth is, by request (for you, Beth!) And yes, I DO dress like this, and own it. As I told Beth, if it were socially correct for this mermaid to unleash her tail, I'd wrap that sucker in scarves, too! Swish, swish! Babushka A La Toni. Also, if I weren't terrified of The Evil Eye, this would be me giving one. Ok, ok, my fan handling needs work! [So does my youngest male child's MuthaCam handling, huh? Just a wee tad, I think.] I promise I was standing up straight. Not sure what youngest male child's condition was! Oh, sweet! This is so me, FlIRT! [Fan from Venice, just before our gondola ride.] Explicit Instructions to Youngest Male Child: "Zoom in, Baby, I don't want all this non-existent cleavage showing." "Mom, I'm not all about this camera stuff. I'm just pointing and shooting." Viewers, welcome to my non-existent cleavage. Please re-direct your attention to the head scarf, starting immediately! I AM a growing thang! [Youngest male child is still working on his camera angles. Patience!] That's what I'm talking about! Zorro Girl, at last!


Veronica said...

I had to laugh so hard when I saw these photos only you could pull this off and look good doing it. oh and the fan.... wow, I need one of those to flirt with

Beth said...

I'm totally sitting here laughing my ass off at you while also being so impressed that you, girlfriend of mine, have balls !!!

You did it....the scarf wrap look that I still don't think I'll ever be caught dead in....although knowing my family, they might just slip one on me for fun while I'm laying there in my coffin knowing that that would be the only way and the only day in my life that I could wear one !! And really, can you make fun of a dead person?...well, I'm sure they would and hey, why not laugh at me while at my funeral... just to lighten the mood for everyone !!!!

Anyhow....I'm a little more likely to try it again now that misty wore hers to class yesterday...and yes I have more photos to share !!!

Anyhow....YOU GO GIRL !!! You do own it !!!And I'm so impressed with you I can hardly stand it !!