Saturday, August 2, 2008

Friday Night Journal Backgrounds

Since I've beaten the "I HATE FRIDAY'S" horse to death, you already know that on Friday evenings Toni can generally be found 'in a mood'. True story. Doing journal backgrounds on a Friday night is a fascinating experience for me -- my mind is generally so far removed from what my hands are doing that I'm invariably surprised by what the pages turn out like. Perfect example. My mind was on change, and this is what came out. Sources: magazine ad image, my stickers, patterns on the inside of business envelopes. Still thinking about the phenomenon of being so underutilized (brain-wise) in the work place, being a stamp-licking office ornament of sorts ... text from a magazine ad, images from The Tuscan Rose, more envelope patterns, my label stickers.

So what did I dream about? Pushing a sparkling vintage Schwinn bike through a TGI Fridays restaurant, and on my way out, I bump into George Benson. Yea, THE George Benson, Mr. Jazz, He of the Silken Voice & Liquid Skyline Guitar -- oh my goodness! And of course because this is an amazing bicycle, he actually stops and we have an entire conversation about its lineage. (As if I would know such things, but boy, I did in this dream!) I rode off PROUD on that bike, too -- and yes, I rode off into a sunset, clinking my little silver bell. HA!