Tuesday, August 12, 2008

August 13th is My One Year Blog Anniversary!

Hey, Homegirls! Tomorrow is my one year blog anniversary. I wanted to PLAY! Hence the face and hand paints, and then I recruited my youngest male child to play photographer. One of these shots will be the portrait for my new journal! Wondering What Is To Come, with milk mustache accessory. Jealous, aren't ya? [Well, YOU try putting on face paint without your spectacles and see what YOU look like when you're done!] It's all about the growth. [And having HUGE PAWS for hands means lots of room to play with paints, anyway!]
Ah, the deep thoughts. Half in and half out of reality [or: Your Hair Clashes with your Mask] My Magic Hands! Wild thing, you make my heart sing!


Veronica said...

hahahahahahahaha okay so now how easy was it to get the paint off????
too funny
happy anniversary sweetie