Saturday, August 2, 2008

MuthaCam on the Prowl While School Clothes Shopping

Being as my youngest male child starts his senior year on Monday, we went to hunt down a backpack and maybe some clothes. Being as my youngest male child does require mother's driving skills but altogether disdains mother's assistance in clothing and backpack selection (except for the payment process), Mother wisely brought along her MuthaCam for store moseying/stealth photography. Youngest male child to the right, to the men's department. Mother and Mutha to the rear, to the household goods department. Clown & Ivy. This creature is set to star in Stephen King's next psycho horror flick. Or maybe it already did, in that book IT. Four rabbits. Guardian of the Glass. Handcrafted Harleys. Shelf dogs. The one on the right closely resembles my youngest male child's expression upon discovering this store had nothing of interest by way of school clothes, but plenty by way of interest for Mother with Mutha. Close-up, two mirrors framed in shells and abalone. Sleeping masks. A touch of Venetian magic tossed onto a clearance pile on the floor. We sat on a bench to await My Lovely Mother, who had gone to the Hallmark store down the way. Out came The Teenage Pasttime. "I don't want to take pictures now, Mom." --- "I'm just shooting your hands, Son." Youngest male child on bench. "I don't want to take pictures right now, Mom, OKKKKKKKK?"
When banned from photographing youngest male child, waste three minutes sulking, then point camera up & feign vast photographic genius and artistic focus.