Saturday, August 23, 2008

Speaking of Blogs ...

RACHEL ASHWELL HAS STARTED A BLOG !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! GO HERE!!! I bumbled into this yesterday and couldn't contain myself. I have all of her books, I watched her television design show, every episode, when it was aired, I have SO MISSED her presence in the media. This is maybe the best thing to happen all month. Her wry sense of humor, her genuine presence, the beauty she creates and inspires -- just the photographs of her rooms, works, little corners of objects, the inside of her dishwasher for cryin' out loud -- all those things are like seeing my insides, displayed. It's NOT just the 'Shabby Chic' design style, it's the whole incorporation of all things WOMAN!! GO RACHEL! GO RACHEL!


Beth said...

WOW...thanks for sharing this blog announcement and the ones in the previous them all !!!!

{as chronicle of me has been one of my favs for a loooong time}