Monday, August 11, 2008

Final Journal Backgrounds, This Volume

These are the last four backgrounds of my current written journal. Wow, this one has only taken me 3 months and a few days to finish. Kinda surprised me, because I've been in/on somewhat of a quiet, inward, laid-low place/path during this journal period! Sources: "Ladies" from a free paper sheet in a Stampington publication. Egyptian Treasure business card came from My Beloved Aunt Judy's frog gift wrapping. Papers, sticker, statue image, from my stash. Leaf is polymer clay experiment leftover; red apple button. "The Invitation' is for me to freelance where I'm headed, what I'm feeling going into it. 'Hot Tempered, don't be afraid' is a message to my inner self! Sources: My papers and stickers. Tuscan Rose woman image. Palm Trees/Pond from a postcard, my collection. Rose stamp image from Veronica. 'I always dreamed that' sticker is to kick-start my ideas for the next few months that will be captured in the new journal.
Sources: Mary Mata flower image. Roses/music strip from Veronica. My stamps (large woman image is Leo Cioci, probably my all time favorite stamp designer), my papers and stickers. Desire having to do with what I want to see happen as I begin a new journal volume. Sources: Images, Mary Mata. My stash of papers, small coffee filter pocket. 'Cry', and a dancing woman image, because a journal is ending -- that's always both difficult and exciting! The Arabic paper fills me with joy -- such lovely lovely lettering.

And yes! I already have my new volume; will scan soon, but not until I've found my quote and poem to go along with it.


Beth said... are you going to write in this journal ??

is that a dumb question ?

rivergardenstudio said...

These pages are great, I'd also like to see them after you write in them...if it's not too personal! I especially love the last page! Roxanne