Monday, May 5, 2008

Tagged (by Jeri!)

Oh my -- I am to bask in my weirdness -- six oddball things about myself. [Only six? (hee hee)]

1. I haaaAAAAaate it when something clings to my hands, like a sliver of paper or plastic, or spider webs, or just something that won't shake off or let go.
2. I can't fall asleep if there is a TV or radio on -- my mind won't stop trying to follow the dialogue of a show, or listening to see if the next song is a good one!
3. I don't vaccuum. Period. Ever. (This could explain why 98% of our house is tile.)
4. I have huge hands, and I can't 'fold' my fingers together to get a bangle bracelet on. Most normal bracelets and watches don't fit -- if I wear them at all, I have to wear either the cuff or stretchie kind.
5. If I were a rich wench, I'd have a full time masseuse.
6. I believe (seriously) in mermaids.


Laurel said...

I completely understand the big hands thingy! I'm with you on that. I guess all the better to craft with hey?! I love your cards, you have been very busy lately!
Oh, and anything fun happening in that workshop???

Carla said...

I can't fall asleep with the radio or tv on, either! What's more, I can't not listen to them at any time. I find them virtually impossible to ignore.