Sunday, May 25, 2008

Postage Stamp ATCs

My online art group had such a blast with the first postage stamp mingle that we decided to do another, this time 'anything goes' instead of Postage People. The first one ??? goodness, who knows where ideas like this come from, anyway! The middle one is because Veronica sent me some gorgeous ATC papers that seemed very Asian-themed to me, so I went with it. The third one? hee hee, my favorite: I call this one "Mei Ling's Alter Ego" ... anyway, I'll be mailing these out on Tuesday.


Jeri said...

I like the ATCs Toni!!

Veronica said...

these are totally cool... am I on the list to receive one???hummmmm these are amazing.

BR said...

Wow wow and wow. Toni, they are wonderful.