Saturday, May 24, 2008

I Feel Pretty altered book layout

I got seriously stuck trying to decide on a song for my last layout -- you may remember because I did a post and asked for HELP but noooOOOOooooobody commented. [Is there anybody out there? I wonder sometimes. (I'm waving my guilt wand at all of you; it's pouring guilt-glitter, can you feel it?!!)] Meanwhile, the ladies of my online art group cast a few votes and "I Feel Pretty", from West Side Story, won the election. The theme of the altered book is lyrics/music, and free reign after that. What I remember most about this scene is how light Maria was behaving, giddy and floating and lifted on love ... and how her friends were doing that skeptical cackling thing ('keep away from her, send for Chino, this is NOT the Maria we know') ... and that they were in the dress shop with all the dress mannequins. What a great movie, huh? I decided not to include more lyrics/lettering, because the pages (for me) really capture that floating, I'm-in-Love lightness I feel when I see that scene and hear that song.


Veronica said...

oh toni these are beautiful. I love the images and what you have done and oh oh the stencils and the stamp in the bottom corner fantastic.

jo said...

Absolutely gorgeous Toni!