Saturday, May 24, 2008

Bluebird Lane Lands Again, & a lovely RAK/Card

All from Bluebird Lane. The one on the top right is a tag Donna made for me ... loveliness!
Birds, oh I love birds! These are German die-cuts from Bluebird Lane. My online art group is hosting a postage stamp ATC mingle: I received these from the lovely Claudia -- I guffawed over her post of Frankenstein in drag (sprayed my monitor!!), and look! She sent it to me. But I'm really loving her CARD -- the polka dot embossed background and matching butterfly, which is lifted off the paper and shadowed with black. It's so beautiful!


Veronica said...

girl that tag is fantastic. I can't wait to see these. woo time put a link to her etsy store so I can also go shopping..... mwah