Thursday, May 8, 2008


New (to me) stamp set I purchased from Veronica's ETSY shop - this card is for my family friend in England, who is on the mend! This was an experiment in aging techniques. I prefer the envelope (ha!).


Veronica said...

OHHHHHHHHH I LOVE THESE. FANTASTIC and I am so glad you gave that tea set a new home. You did fantastic with it. I love the bottom one very much

Pierina said...

Hola Toni!!! how are you??! I'm without my PC these days, and trying to order things for my moving. (we're still waiting but this time is the last step. We have to move the last days of may or the first of june) I'll tell you more by email. Just wanted to say Hi and that I miss our "email conversations" :) A big hug!!!!

Mercedes said...

VEry nice, I will take a peek to her etsy. I´m waiting for some paperbags stamps too, my first one with them.