Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Rich, Wondrous Reading

My Lovely Mother gave me this book some time ago, and I've been slowly, slowly, slowly taking it in. It's a collection of travel essays, loosely put, but no, it goes very much more deeply than that. And outstanding writing. It's one of 'those' books that I dole out to myself because it's SO wonderful, I don't want to 'hoover' it and be without it!! Here's what Amazon says: 'Greece, it has been said, is where art became inseparable from life. The country evokes a richly embroidered tapestry of images, from old monuments rife with history to idyllic isles of glass-blue sea and blinding white stucco dwellings. Greece enchants its visitors with its beauty, tradition, and spirit. In this eloquent collection, women share firsthand experiences of the people, history, and landscape of Greece. Their essays go beyond ordinary travelogue to capture the ways in which Greece has shaped lives or influenced decisions. In expressing their love for the country, these women share stories as visceral as they are poignant, as entertaining as they are endearing. Whether they are seasoned travelers or armchair adventurers, Greece aficionados or those just beginning to learn about the country, readers of this compelling collection will gain a better understanding of Greece and how experiences abroad can impact their lives.'


Laurel said...

OMG I soo... want to go to Greece. I'm trying to convince hubby on a Mediterranean Cruise with the kids.