Saturday, May 17, 2008

Double BB's World - Weights

Now of course, what with Double BB resembling Denzel Washington (so I'm told by his female fans throughout the Valley of the Sun), we've established that he's HOT. Mmmm hmmmm. What Double BB knows, cuz I've been telling him almost since the day we met, is that I married him just to have his splendiferous BUTT in the family (& in the gene pool!). True story, & now you're in the know too! (Shhhh, don't tell Double BB I told ya!) Second only to a fabulous backside and a wicked sense of humor on the Must-Have-List for yours truly, though, are fabulous arms. You DO already know that I'm a big girl, 5'-10" ... & yea, while it can be true that a tall guy such as Double BB can lend to my feeling more petite than I really am, what does it most for me are ... can you guess? GREAT ARMS! Strong ... they don't have to be 'cut' like those cartoon-looking guys on muscle magazine covers. But strong. Tender-strong, you know what I mean?
Of course because he knows I'm posting these weight shots, Double BB has disallowed shots of his arms ... sigh. But I live with them, so I get to see them every day. And fall asleep in them. And be hugged by them, and sometimes tickled.