Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Phoenix Rises (or: Shopping Therapy)

Finally (I repeat: FINALLY) I enjoyed an entire night's sleep without a single cough or snore. True story, Double BB has been reporting my progress to me every morning. For a few nights there, my gurgling gagging snorting antics have driven him to the livingroom sofa, poor man! I think I'm on the mend -- the very fact that I'm posting a blog entry is indication enough for me! Addicted to Scrapbooking has a $1 store, perfect for the housebound coughing weak nap-addicted sickling I have been. I watch it diligently, and this time I was FREAKED OUT DELIGHTED to see all the heart images, hearts being my third favorite images (1. mermaids 2. birds).
My written journal, this go-round, seems to be all about journaling stickers and heart stamp images, despite the luscious tags I've recently ordered/received. Go figure.