Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Sick, Sick & Sick

Late last week, both of my male children were wrestling with this virus ... my youngest missed 2 days of school. By Sunday, after brunch at my brother's, I knew I wasn't going to escape. Spent Sunday night coughing to the point of gagging almost all night; literally slept ALL DAY yesterday, then all night. Now, my back is so sore from laying down for so long that I can't stand to go back to bed, even though that's what I want most in the world!!!

Journal pages from Friday and Saturday - wanted to do something a little lighter!!! This bird/heart stamp is by Christine Adolph (Scripted Robin, I think it's called). I've wanted it for 2 years and finally treated myself to it. It will likely be turning up everywhere for awhile!! Ditto butterflies, as I also treated myself to a butterly punch. This is Drew Barrymore, from a spread in Vogue (I think it was Vogue) ... I loved the photograph the instant I saw it and saved it.

aaaAAAAAaargghhhh ... ok, I'm going back to bed.


Beth said...

GET BETTER SOON....that's an order !!!...hee hee

and those journal pages...fab as always !!

Laurel said...

Fabulous journal pages and I hope you get better soon!

BTW my lilacs are almost out! Can't wait!

Mercedes said...

How are you today? I´m sorry you feel bad. Nice collage . I love specially the first one

Carla said...

I'm SO sorry you got it!! I got it TWICE! Tuesday and Tuesday! Never have I had the flu twice in a year much less twice in a week! THE MISERY! I missed two and a half days of school!

Your pages are gorgeous, tho! I love the Drew one, the painted touches are just right!

rivergardenstudio said...

These are lovely pages, and they do feel light!I hope you are feeling better! Roxanne

Carolina said...

Amazing journal pages - love them both, but I think I like the Drew one better.

Hope you're getting lots of rest and that you feel better soon!