Monday, August 10, 2009

'Come On Baby, Let's Get Away!'

'I wanna take you on aBe ... Dream ... Play ... inspired escapade.' loosely quoted Janet Jackson lyric!

This is a tribute post to Ms. Elizabeth Bunson, to whom I shall very soon propose marriage, if for no other reason than to have her photographs and journal pages in the family! I spent all weekend reading her blog, start to finish, not once, but twice. So I'm modeling this post, this once, after her way of posting (photos, a little chatting, close-ups of pages, then the pages themselves) -- with a huge thank you and confessions of true love. Ian's marigold, Ian's photo, which kick-started this entire day/attitude for me. Here she comes, my partner in gallivanting! Tootsie huddle. Zen shimmer. No way, too hot for yard work! But aren't rakes photogenic? especially these wooden-tined babies! Like a vintage post card.
Been a long time since I rock and rolled THIS stuff. Tempting, I must say -- but I'm today's designated driver. Sassy gloves for suds-diving. Lemons, the current theme of my kitchen. Gleaming copper ... mmmmm (or pot tails?)
Eye candy everywhere! Really got us working up an appetite. Oops! How did THAT get in here? MOTHER?!!!! Waiting for the doors to open. Waiting to order. No waiting HERE! Key lime cheesecake for My Lovely Mother; Kahlua Cocoa Coffee cheesecake for moi. (Julie, please note that ALL the whipped cream ended up on my saucer, and down my hatch. Ahhhhh ... whipped cream - not just for the bedroom or the cafe latte!) A feathered friend, table top. Swirly wine-bottle tops in a rainbow of colors. Golden shimmers in clear vases.


Anonymous said...

You and your mother seem to gallavant in all the right places! Thanks for sharing your day, wish I coulda been there!

beth said...

you crack me up...
do you know that ?
I hope so....
you waiting for the doors to look beautiful but for some reason you cracked me up !

Samantha said...

love it. love the whole post concept, images flowing from one to the next ... I don't know if I'm getting it the way you intended it, but it sure goes well to me.
your journal pages here are full of vitality ~ breezy and cheery. little bits of poetry.
I'm embarrassed now that I don't know how to talk about this stuff really, but I'm just saying what I felt.

Holly said...

I wish I had been there with you!

Cam said...


What is this cream ale? Where do I find some of that? Have you tried it and is it good?

Your kitchen is done in lemons? How awesome!

How did you keep your head from exploding with all that yummy yumness? Kahlua cheesecake? Jeez oh Petes...gots to get me some of that!!

and finally,

is your mother your final answer about that picture of McSexy?

lee said...

oh i wish I could have shared the day with you, I also love elizabeth her pictures just pop off the page, yours are looking good.

cinner said...

Always a treat to come for a visit. Looks like you and Mom had some fun, Your pages are beautiful. Take care my friend.

Alison said...

I wanna come next time!

Anonymous said...