Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Call for Kitchen Pics!

[Ian and Traudel's kitchen, before the extension was added.]

Just wrote this in my journal and decided to DO IT:"I think I'm going to do a shout-out for kitchen pictures, ones that people don't mind me downloading and using in this book, privately. Maybe because my kitchen is, and has been, so wrecked! and I'm NOT a woman who is totally right with a discombobulated kitchen. Detail pictures -- not just 'the room' but cool vignettes (staged or real), favorite dishes, remains of a hearty meal! Decor themes, steaming mugs of tea or java, cutlery in drawers, serving utensil containers. Where does everyone keep her Tupperware? What does the inside of her dishwasher hold right now? I want that kind of intimate thing: what color are her tea towels? How about her dish washing liquid, what kind? Pot scrapers? Tea kettles, coffee makers? Hardware on cabinet doors and drawers? And dirty dishes -- let me see 'em! Give me hope!'

Thank you. Thank you very much. Please email me any you'd rather not post: I excel at keeping secrets, just ask Veronica. Drives her nuts! [And the new layout, IN the extension. With a view like that out of the window, who would ever gripe about doing dishes? I certainly didn't.] [Especially when wandering out to enjoy the garden distractions was not only welcomed, but encouraged! -- with a very handy escape door!] [And wandering shoes provided, at the ready. Ian loaned me his green ones. And THIS, by the way, is my favorite photo from our entire trip.]

Editor's Note: I don't mean anyone has to do a post -- just email me some pics, pretty pretty pretty please!


beth said...

I would love to do kitchen shots for you...confused want these on our blogs ?

with a link to you of course...but a certain day of the week ? or month ?

shit I need guidance as usual !

Alison said...

Kitchen? Kitchen? I have a vague memory of such a thing.... Lol. Although I'm terribly sad to be leaving France, I will not miss the sink and two hotplates which is pretty much 'it' here, kitchen-wise, in my little studio.

cinner said...

Yeah that would be fun. I have the strangest kitchen you ever saw, the fridge is in the back porch, let me know how you want us to do this.

Veronica said...

hah she drives me CRAZY when keeping secrets. I got remarried and she knew before I DID!!!! for months

goodeda1122 said...