Sunday, August 2, 2009

Rainy Day Rose

My host and dear friend, Ian, is himself a writer/poet/journaler. He writes for his wife, for his daughters, his grandchildren, his friends; he maintains a notebook to contain his writings for them. This morning, he sent me these photos of the blooms in their garden, so I could see how everything has grown in this short time since I left, and sent me these words. I love them. I love him. I had to share. 'Words mean so much even though we don’t perceive the meaning on the first reading. Take time to read and analyse the rendering of the heart and the reaching out that is sought. Remember also that when the heart is touched be guided by your instinct so that you may not be hurt by future events, be strong but above all be true to yourself. Treat each day as a gift, that is why we call it the present, for one never knows what is waiting around the corner. Be compassionate to your fellow man for whoever is placed on the lowest spoke of the wheel they are entitled to our unselfishness and regard. Let common sense and experience be your guide through your life for that can be fulfilling on its own. A kind word can be the essence of feeling good with yourself for it may help someone to overcome their difficulties in life. Take heed of your surroundings, sit back and contemplate what this life has given you with all the pro’s and con’s and I will guarantee a smile will cross your face. Be loved for what you are; don’t alter that because if you do you are not being true to yourself or your loved ones. Above all live a good and complete life with love and happiness for that in itself is enough.'


cinner said...

That was just beautiful. i loved the pics too, and all the photos you have been showing us. Hope you are well. take care my friend,

Holly said...

"Be loved for what you are; don’t alter that because if you do you are not being true to yourself or your loved ones."

After all the storms that have passed most recently in my life...this more than anything that has been said to me in quite awhile, is worth remembering. And, it's the truth. Because, I can attempt to modify myself to make life more comfortable for everyone else, but if it makes me completely uncomfortable in the bargain? Then everyone looses, eventually.

Thank him for sharing them. And, you for giving them to us for consideration.