Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Two Scoops & No Skimpin' on the Whipped Cream

I'm fiddling with my blog -- colors, fonts, borders, 'About Me', banner, EVERYTHANG! -- because tomorrow is my two year blogging anniversary and I wanted to do something perky in honor of that. I want to open it up in the morning and be 'blinked' (as my bro, the Bobfather, says when something sooprises him -- 'hey that blinked me!') I like this EXCEPT that I can't get the cream background color of the posts to change to a soft lilac. Oh well, at least I got my chocolate pawlet girl in the banner ... YES!!!! I took several shots of her and she chose the one above. She did, true story -- she chewed on the corner; that's how I knew. Plus she said she looked cute all mellowed out like that. (Personally, I think it looks like she's been hitting my Coors Light, but hey, it was her call!) You probably recognize Ian's marigold (my heart), although my ink cartridge is down to 'sputter and maybe', so it's not that gorgeous shimmering GOLD in this print out. [One of Zoe's shots that didn't make the cut, but which I happen to really like. Neener, Pawlets!]

All the bits in the banner (not including photos) came from my darling Beth! She gives GOOOOOOD care packages, that woman! She even somehow sent me the red flocked vintage wallpaper in the banner -- Patty at The Tuscan Rose sent me a supply of that a LONG time ago, and I used it up a LONG time ago, too!

Happy two years to my blog, if I do say so myself! Think Javier will join me for ice cream and ... and whipped cream? I'm sending out an S.O.S.!


beth said...

thanks sweetie for such nice praise....

and the banner looks fabulous !

but, ummm, no....sorry, javier is busy eating ice cream with me :)

hee hee

Becky the Sign Lady said...

Congrats on your two wonderful years!
Love your new dots and the new header.
I enjoy your writing very much so I'd like to share some of my knowledge with you:

If you would like to lose the bright orange Pyzam bar across the top of your lovely page, drop me an email and I will send you the directions for doing so. You just need to delete it from your html code.

If you love that bright orange bar, kindly disregard my offer and carry on.... I'll still be blog stalking you.

Cam said...

Happy Two Year Anniversary, Toni Maroney!!

I am so glad you dig blogging, I'd be a lost cause without ya!

PS- love your new dotted look!

One of these days it's going to get real messy between you and Beth over this love triangle you guys are rockin'. You know that, right? Best to leave him to me and just avoid the whole sitcheeashun. Yes, indeedy. Just looking out for my girls!

Lots of love to you!

And, I forget, is Two Year Blogoversary paper, silver, or ink cartridge? Hmm...

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS on two years of blogging! More! More! I really like the new look of your blog.

Holly said...

You know I'm digging the dots! Wonder why that might be! And, I have to say two years...two whole years of making the world a better place because of your generosity, gift of gab, and gentle and sparky way of seeing the world...sharing it with us.

Congrats with my thanks. Hear?!

cinner said...

Congratulations Toni on the 2 years of blogging. I adore you, but must be having a seniors moment. who is javier? Remember I am from Canada, be nice to me. LOL.

Anonymous said...

Congratulations! I'm honored to be one of your readers. Here's to many, many more posts.

Umm, yeah, who is Javier?

Ice cream...gooooood!

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