Wednesday, August 5, 2009

B&B - The Mount - Keswick

You didn't think I was done with my England photos yet, did you? Ha! When we visited the Lake Country, and the homes of Beatrix Potter, we stayed here, at The Mount. This is an old home converted to a B&B, and run by friends of Klaus -- our host, Tony, met us with humor, enthusiasm, and warmth. All the items which furnish the B&B belong to Tony and his partner, from a former residence. Astonishing and varied collection, all of which compose a sense of home and retreat and welcome. The landing, just outside our door. Banisters, landings, love them! This leads upstairs, to Klaus' third floor hideaway. Our guardian angel. Inviting slumber, nestled deeply in, cozy beside My Lovely Mother. Draperies - PM. Draperies - AM, with butterfly. A welcome sight after our long walk back from Keswick, then the beer I had with those fish and chips! Lighting in our room. View. She lived atop the dresser (with the blue china plate, below), but I offered her a glimpse out the window and snapped this photo when she turned to thank me. I loved the blue china plate, but it didn't turn out well in the photo. Peter Rabbit and other Potter stories were the pillow themes (also the box of tissue). Toni. Photo by Klaus, from his third floor room. Next I'll show you the garden treasures -- oh! my!