Monday, April 20, 2009

Overflow Journal Backgrounds

My own journal is bursting - I now have 4 miles of packaging tape holding it together, quite a satisfying crinkly feeling when I hold it. But it does mean adding anything for backgrounds is impossible for these last 12 pages or so. Toni, though, can't stop making backgrounds, so again these are all in my overflow journal. A Happy Occasion. Paint, sheet music, paper scrap and die cut, heart sequin. Flower of Love. Paint, sheet music background, clip art. ribbon and Prima flowers. These two spreads are side-by-side and I decided to coordinate them. Asian Pears. The pear photo is one of mine; the background was something I found during a Google fest, long ago. On the back side of the pears is a cool old ticket. Intangible. Except for that enormously appealing male arm, all these photos lift for journaling. They are photos or magazine images, not my own, but I did torture the shot of the woman on Photoshop.


Holly said...

OH OH OH!!!!!! That first one???? My kitchen, my goodness, my my my I love it!!!!!

Vale said...

Hi Toni!
Gosh girl, you are always creating these lovely and inspiring backgrounds! I love these top two you have made with the red & white. Question, do you gesso your page first the apply acrylic paint?
I've also been on a background creating binge in one of my "books of odd". In it I am creating some pretty odd looking beings who live on "Planet Electra".
I really enjoy making these backgrounds for future use. It helps speed up the creative process, yet also challenges the mind once you set down to journal on or add to these backgrounds.
It's always a pleasure to see what you've created Toni!
Vale :)

Kathy said...

Toni....your journal pages are so inspirational to me! I think you have such a gift! Thank you for sharing your work with us cyber folk!! It's so invigorating, encouraging and challenging to me!! rock!! :-)