Thursday, April 30, 2009

Aqua Love Letter

NEW JOURNAL DAY! NEW JOURNAL DAY!! I actually have had this one sitting above my studio desk for a coupla weeks, waiting, whispering, watching me work -- purchased from my one & only Patty -- check it out, the sassy little thing. Aqua Love Letter - front cover. Aqua Love letter - back cover. The inside pages are all different, some ledger sheets, some grids, some patterned lovelies, with clipped on scraps, black & white photos, just a cornucopia of SOOPRISES, including envelopes and tags and little pockets, all those insanely cool things I love in a journal! & still plenty of means and ways for me to add my personal touches. Bliss!

I've said this a trillion times and will continue to say it: The Tuscan Rose is my favorite on-line shop/source for papers, unique fun stuff, and BOMB collage sheets. But Patty also has an ETSY shop, River Bend Ranch, that captivates me. This is where I purchased my deliciously appealing Aqua Love Letter journal, and there are more where this one came from. I also wear Patty's jewelry ... she uses pieces of broken china, solders them into frames, and sells them extremely reasonably, so I can just slide them onto the chain I use, group them, or wear them individually. All the way my style!

This is a shout out about Patty for one reason and one reason only: I LOVE PATTY'S ITEMS! AND I LOVE PATTY! [OK, that was TWO reasons!] She and I share tastes when it comes to the kinds of images we love, even though we use them differently in our work/art. That's serious bidness to me, for keeping images on hand that speak to me and assist my creativity - I can rely on her. And another thing? We're both FIENDS for the Basic Grey line of products. Then there's her blog -- inspiration to me from every angle. The outflow of friendship from my having gravitated first to her blog, then The Tuscan Rose, then her ETSY store, has just been the meatiest, bestest thing to come out of a shared passion for art and journaling.

I'm blowin' kisses to ya, Patty ... straight from my heart and my hand (the one NOT holding onto my Aqua Love Letter journal!)


Anonymous said...

Beautiful journal...Patty is really great...great art..and I love her sense of humor!

cinner said...

It is beautiful Acqua is my favorite color. I am going to have a visit at The Tuscan Rose and check it out. Thanks Toni.

Patty Mooney said...

With a name like "Patty" she's got to be wonderful. I will go and check out her Patty-sphere.

Ideos said...

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