Tuesday, April 7, 2009


Journal Entry: 04/06/09:
it could rain & i wouldn't mind -
wet smells, wet like i am,
all the time in this spring flood,
feeling rich & loamy,
fertile & green,
planted but still
outgrowing the earth i'm in.
i need to be pruned.
& watered ... or cupped
in a calm hand & admired.
here i am, leafy,
dewy, soft & inwardly-lit,
reaching, throbbing,
aware of every breeze,
wanting ...
how i am wanting.
i need recognition,
slow kisses not expecting more,
someone aware & deliberate,
to feel this from me.
fragile roots,
delicate flower,
deep abiding woman within,
flowing outward,
flowing upward,
flowing in a
specific shape & pattern,
freshly scented,
wondering where you are.
just quiet ...
a little droopy by sunset,
kissed by birds & bees,

standing fragrant
but alone.

And this morning, The Universe left me this message:
"Actually, it's not that most people don't have much,
and they just want a little.
It's that they have it all,
and they just want a little.
You too.
Realign, Antonia.
Want it all.
Oh my - "
The Universe


Holly said...

I will hold you in my calm hand and admire you. Greatly.

Cam@Journey Wildly said...


Wow. Who is out there watching us? How do they know what we need to hear? Is it really the Universe?
Just maybe?


beth said...

you know that I read all of that from a different place than the other readers because I know and understand and think the same way...because you and I have shared... because we know and because we long for what we don't have and what we want...what we expect, what we crave and I love you for being so open and honest !!!

lee said...

I am awed by your words

cinner said...

as always toni, very moving!.loved it

soulbrush said...

oh my word, this is sooo beautiful, i am glad i am getting to know you toni.hugs.

rivergardenstudio said...

Such beauty here, Toni. Your writing about the spring... and wanting. Your art here is soft and strong at the same time! Roxanne