Monday, July 20, 2009

Travel Journal - Peep Show II

Sketches: still life from Ian and Traudel's dining room table; Traudel watching TV. This sketch resembles Traudel MUCH more so than my sketch of Ian (following). But he was a good sport about that! Yorkshire tea label from Traudel (that woman is an ACE at collecting bits -- I swear I'm going to take her on every one of my journeys!); list of birds seen in Ian & Traudel's garden: goldfinch, siskine, blackbird (male & female), sparrow, dove, robin, pigeon (clean and plump, NOT like the detestable Phoenix pigeons), blue tit; sketch of Ian's wooden shed and bird feeder (preferred by the doves). Toni sketches: Ian in his Ian chair; and the gorgeous extension Ian built onto their house, as seen from my garden roost. Where the cat sticker already was, in the book, there actually live tomato plants in front of the brick, under the window. Ian had to go visit his doctor to treat a sinus infection that was causing him enormous dizziness (drainage to his ear) ... I snagged the pharmacy bag (ha!) Ian found a job op for me! And a page of notes. Teabag label from tea at Sawrey House; brochure image I love (winged creatures!), flour bag bit from the recycle bin at our B&B, The Mount. Calling card from Derwent Lodge Hotel, where I had fish and chips!! Ticket found in the parking lot; stickers from the Hilltop Farm gift shop, tissue from our room at The Mount, near Hilltop. Sticky letters from the car park for Hilltop Farm. We had tea, here, on the back terrace of Sawrey House, sitting at black wrought iron tables over to the right, in front of the glass extension ... Wallpaper bit from Sawrey House; paper treasures from brochures. From our walks in Keswick (said Kezzick) ... Klaus found me the whirlygigs (from what, an oak tree?) I hadn't seen those since leaving Maryland -- we used to trap them between our thumbs and whistle through them.


Holly said...

No, I believe it would be a maple tree, dear.

You're the mistress of shards and pieces!

Alison said...

Or Sycamore?
Great bits and pieces Toni. Nice work. :-)

cinner said...

Toni, they are awesome, I love how you pput them all together. Glad your home and that you popped over this am.