Sunday, July 26, 2009

Hubble Space Telescope - First Image!!!

This just in from my cousin Jackie, the Wide Field Camera Instrument Manager for the Hubble Space Telescope Program: "The first science image from the Hubble Space Telescope's Wide Field Camera 3 (WFC3 -- the instrument that I spent the last 5 years building) has been released -- two months ahead of schedule!!

As you may have heard, an amateur astronomer noticed a new feature on Jupiter late last week that may be evidence of a recent impact. Such an impact event is quite rare, so many telescopes shuffled observation schedules to image this phenomenon, and the Hubble Space Telescope decided to join the fun.

Thursday, WFC3, was used to observe Jupiter, and the image is available HERE !

Go check out one of our nearest celestial neighbors recovering from a black eye. :-)

The instrument hasn't even finished calibration, but this rare opportunity couldn't be missed. So, I get the chance to tell my friends and family that my camera really works a bit earlier than expected!! Following this early release image, the Hubble program will resume its clandestine calibration activities and is scheduled to release the first "planned" observation images some time around Labor Day.

So, as cool as this image is . . . the best is yet to come!!

Thanks for listening (to this and to all my crazy stories over the years in getting here!)




I find this all so mind-blowing -- to have a cherished cousin working so intimately with, so directly and knowledgeably for, such a significant scientific advancement ... and to reap this kind of reward. I LOVE this kind of thing and I'm so proud of Jackie!


Rebecca Lynch Photography said...

Those photos are cool.

Veronica said...

goodness I knew you came from good stock but wow........ hubble? holy moly

Holly said...

Now, that's worth shouting, Blimey!!!

Chrystal K. said...

How exciting!