Thursday, July 23, 2009

Hopelessly Devoted to You

On the walk back from Keswick to our B&B, we let Luke just SOAR across this field ... it was completely fenced in, and the sheep were separated into the pasture next to this field -- ultimately, though, Kate had to go fetch him -- that sense of freedom went to his head (not to mention his very FAST little toddler feet!). Click on this picture to see Luke (center right) and Mum On The Approach! (Kate later said there may not have been any actual sheep, but there were plenty of sheep bombs everywhere!] "Take a picture of my bus [boos], Auntie Toni." VW Boos compliments of Auntie Molly, My Lovely Mother - we didn't find any doubledecker buses until we reached the airport going home - BUMMER! [This and the next 5 photos taken in the gardens at our B&B, The Mount.] I had Luke in absolute giggle-stitches, driving his bus about then making it 'fly' into the bird bath, where it washed its wheels, then said, 'Hello, Birdie' and snuggled the bird before flying off. Very soon, Luke began adding small gravel from the walkway to the birdbath for bubbles for the bus bath! Then Auntie Toni got the giggle-stitches because I made the bus roll and ooh and ahh and then rear up on its back tires and say, 'Oh, Luke, more bubbles please!' which made LUKE giggle-stitch some more. GAH!!! All that is 3-dimensional for me, with sound, in this photograph. "Take a picture of my mountains, Auntie Toni." No, these are NOT rocks; they are mountains. Luke said. That Klaus! He's like Double BB -- always meddling with a photo op! My woman, Kate, on the other hand, has a face that rocks the camera! This day, the ONLY way Luke would allow me photograph him was in the guise of shooting his new golf set. "Take a picture of my cup [coop], Auntie Toni!" "Take a picture of my club [cloob], Auntie Toni!" At this point, My Luv figured out he was being conned into being photographed! He turned his back to me and got serious, golfing with Gramps. Luke on the green. Actually, he was better at bashing the ball (baseball style with the club) into the hedges. True story. Version 2 of a prior posted photo. Kate, I'm coming back in my next life and marrying this young'un of yours, if for no other reason than to have these EDIBLE CHEEKS in the family!! I MEAN IT!!!


Holly said...

So that love you have for your big boys was repackaged and lovingly redistributed to this exotic foreigner...and I can see why! You rock Aunti Toni!

beth said...

too cute...he loves you soooo much !

Tim King said...

Wonderful pictures, Toni. I have an almost-3-year-old niece who does that to me. She's getting to the age where she can understand my style of interaction, but she still bonds more with my daughters. (Me, green with envy.) :-)