Monday, June 9, 2008

Relatives - the Generations Grow On!

My cousin Jackie, her humorous & engaging hubby Tony (gotta love another Tony, eh?!), and their two young'uns gifted us with a visitation over the weekend -- came out for a colleague's wedding up at the Grand Canyon, but managed 2 days staying with my dad. We all (my sibs, that is, and myself) descended on Dad's Sunday for noshing and catching up. Please meet my new NOT AT ALL SECRET CRUSH!! Finneas Alexander, 14 months! He captivated me to the point that the MuthaCam was all but abandoned in favor of ball throwing & door opening/closing & block tower demolishing. Joy! Joy! Joy! to be around such a small little laddie again. Eesh! Blimey! Shite! Who could resist such a grinning Finn? Not me. For 20 minutes, Finn and I sat on the kitchen floor playing with the ice in the coolers. Finn picked up a piece and threw it on the floor, then we clapped, "Yay! Good job!" Then I picked the piece back up and tossed it back into the cooler, and we would clap again, 'Yay! Good job!" Then Finn helped me clean the wet spot on the floor with the paper towel, clap clap!! Then he would plop onto my knee and I'd wipe the bottoms of his chubby little feet so he wouldn't slip -- clap! Clap! And then we'd begin again. I haven't had so much fun in the last year! This is Jocelyn Lorelei, Finn's older, and only, sister (8 years old). As Jackie pointed out, in general you start a conversation with Jocelyn, who pretty soon is turning a flip and you continue your end of the dialogue by addressing HER 'end' ... quite scintillating, certainly NOT what I'm accustomed to in my adult discussions!!! [Ciera, alas! couldn't join us, as she is in San Diego with friends for a week, searching for mermaids and building sand castles. Otherwise, she and Jocelyn would no doubt have become New Best Friends.] Joc, in a rare right-side-up moment, readying to launch the marble through the block shoot! My Dad with Finn. Finn was so enthralled with the marble scuttling down the block ramps that he was a wiggling, giggling mass of baby flesh, and I couldn't get a cleaner shot of them both cracking up. My dear dear other Mom, Judy, accepting a Finn hand-off from Dad. Here is Young Finn-ster sharing blocks with Tony, his Daddy. I didn't manage any shots of Jackie, so am hoping my brothers email some that I can share!


a message from gillyflower said...

hi there
sounds like you had a great day
what a little smasher just love them when they are at that again you could munch them all up couldn't you
not getting broody are we
take care

Laurel said...

Looks like everyone had some fun! I love family get togethers.