Monday, June 30, 2008

Piece for My English Friend

This is a direct rip-off of the July/August 2008 Somerset Studio cover art, by artist Colette Copeland, except I added a few things in the sky area, and lower left corner. I saw that cover and knew I was going to copy it. The two images of the women came from The Tuscan Rose shop (see sidebar); the butterflies are from a Mary Mata collage sheet, and the rest from magazines. This is the back side -- the library pocket will house the paper I use to write on, for the letter. The glassware photo is one I took; the other is a vintage B&W from my stash; the legs are a Vogue magazine cut-out. This is the front of the envelope. I used two of the Glimmer Screens, but this time I sprayed ink directly onto the screen then pressed it onto the envelope -- kind of a reverse stencil process. The gorgeous flowers in the lower left are a photo I took from Rick's blog -- he said I could his flower pics any time I wanted! The other images are masking tape transfers.


Veronica said...

I saw this and thought oh I have seen that before but I like what you did with it more. I love the added splash of color and the shoes woo hoo I love this andyour english friend will too