Saturday, June 28, 2008

A Day with Double BB

I called Double BB at work on Thursday and said, "I NEED SOME BB AND TONI TIME! CAN WE GO SOMEWHERE ON SATURDAY?" If we don't actually go on a day trip, we get in his truck, crank up the tunes, and cruise, hold hands, yak, and then find a new place to have lunch. We drove way out east today, trying to find some open fields, some of the more rural areas we remembered from past drives long ago. Alas, the infestation of housing developments and empty strip malls has encroached almost entirely on the areas we had time to get to. There was such a dearth of anything worth looking at that I never got out of the truck, or even asked him ONE SINGLE TIME to find a spot to pull over. Matter o'fact, the stinkin' lens cap never came off the MuthaCam once.

Except here -- before we started our drive, we first had to make a Famous Footwear pit stop so Double BB could find some flip flops - the sole on his favorite casual shoes ripped clean through on the left one! While he tried sandals on, I moseyed through with my MuthaCam on stealth, and found these fun pair! I never wanted girls. True story. I wanted two of the hulking, deep-voiced, always starving, chore-dodging male children just like I have. But every once in a while, I see something, like these sandals, that make me think a girl child coulda been pretty fun. This pair is so doggone small I could use them for toe rings!! HA! Ha!!! Any kid small enough to fit into these isn't actually going to be doing much hiking, I'd say - -but ooh, he'd be stylin'! I am an unbridled Converse devotee -- have a pair of high top red ones (a gift from My Lovely Mother), which thankfully neither of my sons can fit a big toe into! These infant-sized Cons had me swooning ... Double BB, having grown up in Wichita near two of the best BBQ joints in the country, has in two and a half decades not been able to find anything of the same par by way of BBQ out here. Me personally, I don't like BBQ, but yesterday I happened to be moseying in a new area looking for a particular bank branch, and saw the sign for this place. Since Double BB wanted to take me to lunch today, I thought, "Ok, we always do Mexican, my favorite -- let's go try us some BBQ instead." Double BB is of the BBQ school wherein the meat is cooked IN the sauce ... not where the sauce is poured over the meat AFTER the fact. GOOD NEWS!!! Hap's Barbecue agreeds with Double BB!! -- who had a half rack and I'm here to tell you, the man did not talk AT ALL while he smacked down those ribs! [Oh, and if anyone is in doubt, according to Double BB, PORK ribs are the best.] I had a ham and cheese sandwich, which was ... well ... a ham and cheese sandwich. But we found an above-passable BBQ spot for Double BB, so I was pretty pleased with myself anyway! [Still, I did come home and whip myself up, later, some Mexican fare for dinner!] I managed to refrain from buying one of these T-shirts for Double BB, but ooh we had a good laugh with fat full BBQ bellies!