Sunday, June 22, 2008

Journal Pages for Veronica

I'm still slowly working on my journal project for Veronica. Here are the latest three pages.
The tag on the left slides behind the map postcard (from Veronica). I'm having so much fun with these I may never finish! ACK!


Veronica said...

If you keep turning out work like this I say never ever finish. Toni these are so beautiful and don't think for one second I don't see things that we have sent to each other or talked about. I so love these pages. They are so I don't know ME. I just am speechless as to the beauty of these pages. WOW, wow wow wow is all I can say I love these so much.

Carolina said...

These are so beautiful and precious...they are a work of art. I'll need to come back and take notes on some creative ideas they sparked - tfs!!!