Monday, June 30, 2008

Journal Backgrounds Continue ...

I couldn't wait to get these baby Converse on a page! The Dos Gringos band was the wrist band my oldest male child sported at his very first Happy Hour as a 21 year old (legal happy hour, that is to say). That incredibly cute baby was on a sheet of 'misprints' Patty sent me -- ACK! Of course the photo is available on a collage sheet which I intend to get my mitts on eventually. The silhouette of the children is a piece of copyright free clip art. A combination of Basic Grey papers and scanned scraps, cut apart, a Tuscan Rose fragment (upper left border) and slide-sized image of a woman (isn't she gorgeous?), one of my word-play slide mounts in the lower right, and a picture of part of Rick and Veronica's gorgeous yard. The circle stamp with the lines is a 7 Gypsies -- love that thang! Basic Grey paper (large pieces), scraps and stickers, a Mary Mata image of a couple, and the Sea Salt photo is one I shot. The little cat in the lower right is one of my favorite punches; this beastie pops up everywhere ... kind of my personal symbol for Zoe. The image of the woman came as a bonus in an order from Patty at the Tuscan Rose. I love the angle of this shot -- she looks somehow sultry and worldly-wise/weary at the same time. I've been digging into my stashes of scrapbook paper more and more; most of what you see here is from that. The 'my message' piece with the red rose is from The Tuscan Rose -- actually, Patty sent me a couple scraps in an order -- this was one of them. I scanned those fragments and some other stuff, then printed it all off on some lilac-bordered paper to see what would happen. The bird is just a black & white copy of a tag I have.
The blue with light blue swirly flowers is the back side of the palm tree/red paper on the next page. This is a small pocket for a tiny tag. The triangle shapes on both pages lift up for more 'secret' writing! FUN! The red paper with the palm trees is Cherry Arte, a new line I discovered and like because it's 2 sided. This piece is a pocket where I can slide in a large tag. The gray-violet color is from a Ralph Lauren paint pod, color called Pacific Heights. I love those pods -- they're small, easy to store, loads of colors, and not so much of it that I'll never EVER use it all. Plus, my Sharpies just glide over it. Love that!


Veronica said...

WOW, you have your mojo back big time. I love these. And the photo of our yard ha cool. Rick is adding more flower pictures these have butterflies that are on them. He has such a way with a camera sort of like you do with the muthacam
I can't wait to get started on our Reverie letters.