Saturday, March 29, 2008

Three Places of Wonder & Escape for Me

I discovered Christine Adolph's blog yesterday at work. Christine Adolph is -- uh -- well, probably number one for me as far as the stamps she designs (Stampington) and her papers. I did NOT know she had a blog. I'm just dense enough not to Google and find out, I guess, cuz surely it's been there all along. Anyway, I've spent most of the morning INHALING this blog. I'll never let it go, now! [My new blog doesn't show where I've linked to somewhere ... in this case, the link is the first time I use Christine's full name.]

I found this blog very early on after it began, and return return return. I respect, & laugh with & love this coyote, Charlie. And I think Shreve (who cares for him, and this blog) would be a friend under other circumstances -- rich rich mind, this woman, and great photographer. Click HERE, and visit.

I have never, in all my life, been part of an extended circle of girlfriends (more than one, I mean by that): partially due to constantly moving, partially due to my own preferred activities being of a solitary nature, partially due to my having always just had ONE close friend. But this blog teaches me every day about possibility, shows me friendship with women in ways I have never known but WANT to know (if it can be like this). Boho Girl (Denise), HERE, is a photographer, an empath, one of the most peaceful presences I've ever encountered, and a woman with myriad bonds with women -- and, at that, women who fascinate me almost as much as Denise herself. At first encounter with this blog, I actually sneered, 'This can't be real' ... becuz I'd never seen it, experienced it, or even thought I wanted it. [I'm deeply ashamed of that reaction, now.] And I've never commented because I still feel a certain level of a) skepticism and b) jealousy -- I will NOT risk polluting her blog with comments until those emotions are cleansed. Reading her blog is a huge part of that cleansing. The photos she takes of her friends, and they of her? Bring me to tears, without exception. I yearn to that, because the love they have for each other is so evident in the photos -- also how deeply known they are to each other.


lee said...

I just found your blog through Carlas blog. Loved your comments on friends and blogging very true.