Thursday, March 27, 2008

Chinese Cultural Center - Plant Life

Shhhhh ... come with me into the garden, but step softly, in case the Buddhas and dragons are sleeping, or meditating.

Wisteria borders around a pagoda.
Loveliness! Nothing else says spring to me like this, except lilacs and honeysuckle, and blooming citrus trees.
It's obvious to me why this Buddha is so peaceful -- water, fountains, lilies, sunlight? Oh yes.
A Monet-esque vignette in a Chinese garden. Gotta love it!

Close-up of water lilies. Such interesting plants.
Ivy and pagoda wall. Wherever there is ivy, I shoot it for Double BB, who loves the stuff.
The wind, blowing pretty steadily, kept catching this rolled piece of banana palm frond and moaning through it - perfect tone for the mood of the garden.


Jenn said...

These pics are absolutely beautiful!!! :D