Sunday, March 30, 2008

This Just Flew In (& More Foot Wars)

My Lovely Mother surprised me with this chica today, when we went out for lunch and a stroll through Michael's and the Hallmark store. Do NOT let this little lady's precious appearance fool ya. Having learned she loves a margarita, & never refuses to dance on tables if 'the song has a good beat & you can dance to it', I've decided to name her "Cher", after one of my An Affair with Art friends who shares her habits!

To paraphrase a song I very vaguely remember from the 80's: "I'm too sexy for my beak!"
New Avon "Spa" flip-flops, also from My Lovely Mother, with feathered friend embellishment. Beat that, Veronica!


rivergardenstudio said...

Adorable photo's of the little bird! Your mother sounds fun. I also like your cat. My cat does that when she is hungry and scratches me if I don't feed her right away! Roxanne

Jenn said...

Cute little birdie, and your flip-flops look comfy!!! :D

Veronica said...

you are so on!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will top this with bells on my toes!!! p,.s. I love that bird oh and the tootsies too.