Friday, March 28, 2008

Ashlee is Here! Ashlee is Here!

Say hello to my niece, Ashlee! She plays basketball for UC-Santa Barbara -- is in town for a long weekend, and came by to pick up my youngest male child for a weekend of fun at Lake Pleasant. I have to post these pics HUGE, cuz I rarely get to SEE Ashlee to take pictures, and because Double BB actually permitted himself to be photographed. Eesh! Blimey!!! Be still my heart!!! Also, for the first time, I actually did some photoshop touch-ups, cuz these came out SO dark ... and Ashlee has already left, so there was no taking them over.

Ya know, forget Helen of Troy -- THIS is the face to launch a thousand ships!

Ashlee, Uncle Bobby, Cousin Kevin ... she makes me wish we'd had a daughter! Look what the family DNA is capable of producing!!!
Ashlee is a goddess. Look at those dimples! The shape of her eyes! Wowza.
But Uncle Bobby, you have GOT to do something about these jeans! & put some lotion on your knees!
Note: Ashlee is a freshman at UC-Santa Barbara, recruited from Chandler High School here in Arizona. Full athletic scholarship. UC-SB made it to the NCAA Women's Basketball 'big dance', but lost a week ago to the #4 Seed Virginia. Ashlee got some playing time and scored 10 of UC-SB's 50 points. I am SO PROUD of her -- to play, as a freshman, to go all the way to the Big Dance, to play (& score) in their game ... amazing accomplishments, all! At 6'-1" (in shoes, she says), on court she's a sight to see!


Veronica said...

WOW she is beautiful and look at Double B's face you can tell he loves his niece. And hummm the jeans. buy that man a new