Saturday, March 29, 2008

Ciera Goes Camping!

Ciera, Daddy Chris, and Uncle Cam went camping/airplane wreck chasing the last couple of days. Here are Uncle Cam's photos, with mostly his commentary! BRRRRR! Ciera and Daddy. Ciera puts up with her plane-geek Daddy. Embry-Riddle Starfighter, Prescott. Hey, is that snow in the near background?! Chino Valley, couldn't find the airplane wreckage we were looking for. This girl is an old pro -- Trail Rated! (like Uncle Cam's jeep!) Ciera's sleeping quarters. Hot dogs, beans, corn -- all cooked over an open fire. Marshmallows for later. Cheesehead! (Ciera is a cheese fiend; she also has her own squirt bottle of Balsamic, which she pretty much hoses onto everything that goes into her mouth.) Ciera on the trail ...... ponderosa pine near Prescott. [Notice how she manages to make it appear she's on a catwalk at New York's Fashion Week?] Ciera on the RR tracks in Skull Valley, AZ.

[[[[[ ***** PICTURE WITHHELD DUE TO CONTENT ***** ]]]]]]

I promised I wouldn't blog this picture, but I didn't say nothin' about Cam's accompanying comments!!! The picture is entitled: Bonding Moment. Cam wrote: "Chris and Ciera peeing simultaneously (Ciera is in a porta-potty chair, even though she doesn't need it because she can pee anywhere in the wilderness now with the best of us)." Hey!! ... this is from a family of hard-core campers, all of whom fart INTO the campfire, and we're bringing our children up into this very important family tradition! Ciera, who will be 7 in May, truly holds her own!


Veronica said...

I have no doubt she is holding her
you all are nuts....